Hebrew in Hand

Help and Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I use Hebrew in Hand to view Hebrew web pages, read Hebrew email, send Hebrew SMS, etc.?
No. Hebrew in Hand does not provide general Hebrew support for mobile devices. Hebrew in Hand is strictly a “reader” for specially prepared texts. The Hebrew fonts in Hebrew in Hand are not installed as fonts for general use on the device. They can only be displayed by the Hebrew in Hand software.
+ How can I find out if my BlackBerry can run Hebrew in Hand 2.1?
If your BlackBerry is running Device Software version 4.2.1 or later, it should work. To determine your Device Software version, select Options > About. You may also need a data plan in order to download texts over-the-air (OTA).
+ What does it cost?
Hebrew in Hand 2.1 for BlackBerry is a free app. The Hebrew in Hand Desktop authoring software, your online Hebrew in Hand account, and all of the texts in our Free catalog are also free. You can also buy individual texts and collections of texts from our Standard catalog using Hebrew in Hand points (H-points). H-points can be purchased in various quantities and do not expire. Subscriptions to the Standard catalog, allowing unlimited downloads for the subscription period (one year), are also available. The Hebrew in Hand purchase page is here.
+ What is the Bonus for Hebrew in Hand 2.0 Beta users?
If you installed Hebrew in Hand 2.0 Beta on your BlackBerry, you will receive a credit on your first puchase using Hebrew in Hand 2.1. If you decide to buy texts using points, you will receive 5 points. If you decide to buy a subscription, you will get an extra month free.
+ What is a Hebrew in Hand account?
A Hebrew in Hand account is the way that the Hebrew in Hand software identifies you and keeps track of your purchases, free trials, and installations of Hebrew in Hand. A Hebrew in Hand account is free, and may be created on either the mobile device or through Hebrew in Hand Desktop.
+ I have used Hebrew in Hand Beta. How can I get the Bonus?
Download Hebrew in Hand 2.1 onto the device on which you installed Hebrew in Hand Beta. In Hebrew in Hand 2.1, use the menu to select “Settings.” If you already have an account, use “Set identity” to register it. If you do not yet have an account, use “Create account” to get one. When you log in to make your first purchase, you will see the option for the Bonus credit.
+ I set up an account, but I can't remember my password or account name. What should I do?
Write to us. Please provide the email address you used to set up the account, and any other inofrmation that would be helpful in recovering the account information (e.g. the type of mobile device you were using, the approximate date when you set up the account, what you think the account name might be).
+ What is the difference between the Free catalog and the Standard catalog, since they have many of the same texts?
The files in the Free catalog will display with our Plain Hebrew font, which has a simple line drawing style. The files in the Standard catalog will display with our Traditional font, which is similar to the fonts found in many siddurim, and has been designed specifically for excellent readability on small screens. You must have a Hebrew in Hand account to use the Standard catalog.
+ What are free trials?
Every text in the Standard catalog that is available for purchase can be downloaded for one free two-day trial. (You can download the text any number of times during those two days.) This gives you the opportunity to try before you buy, to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality and contents of the file. The free trial period is tied to both your account and to the mobile device you are using. Once the free trial period expires, you will need to purchase the text or subscribe to the catalog to continue using it.
+ How do I buy texts?
Texts are bought from the Hebrew in Hand Standard catalog using Hebrew in Hand points, which can be purchased in various quantities. The number of points needed to purchase a text is displayed in the information bar at the bottom of the catalog screen when a catalog item is highlighted. When you select “Buy text” from the menu, you will see your current point balance (“My points”). If your have enough points, you will be able to make the purchase directly. If you need more points than you have, you can buy Hebrew in Hand points from our purchase page.
+ How do I buy Hebrew in Hand points or a subscription?
All Hebrew in Hand purchases are handled securely through PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account.
If you are using BlackBerry OS 6 or later, then you will be able to purchase Hebrew in Hand points or a subscription directly from the Hebrew in Hand app. Select “Purchase...” from the menu on the Downloads, Library, or any catalog screen. The browser will open with a web page at the hebrewinhand.com web site. From this page, you can purchase either a subscription or Hebrew in Hand points through PayPal. When you close the browser and return to Hebrew in Hand, your account information on the device will automatically be updated.
If you are using an older BlackBerry OS, you will need to make your purchases from a computer instead of your BlackBerry smartphone. On your computer, go to the hebrewinhand.com website and click on the “Purchase” link. On the Purchase screen, log in using your account name and password. Then follow the instructions for purchasing Hebrew in Hand points or a subscription through PayPal. After you have completed your purchase, update the account information on your device by selecting “Sync Account” from the menu on the Library screen.
+ I bought some Hebrew in Hand points, but I don't want to use them all right now. Do they expire?
No. Your Hebrew in Hand points can be used whenever you find a text you want to purchase.
+ What happens to my purchases or subscription if I get a new mobile device, or need to re-install Hebrew in Hand?
Your purchases are recorded in your account at the Hebrew in Hand web site. When you set up your new device, or re-install Hebrew in Hand, set your identity to your existing account name in Hebrew in Hand. Your Hebrew in Hand account information will be sent to your mobile device. You will be able to download and use any of the texts you have previously purchased, or resume your subscription services.
+ When I buy a text collection, do I need to download all of the texts immediately?
No. The texts in the collection will be identified owned by you, and you will be able to download them whenever you choose.
+ The list of downloads on the Home screen is too long, and I want to delete some files that I'm not using right now. Can I get those files again when I need them?
Yes. Your Hebrew in Hand account keeps track of your purchases, so you can download them again when you need them. There are no limits on the number of times you can download a text.
+ Can I use my account on multiple mobile devices?
Yes. At any one time, your identity can be used on up to five mobile devices. The date on which your identity is set on each mobile device is recorded, and you may set your identity on up to five different devices in any one-year period. For example, you could set your identity on one device on January 1, on a second device in February, a third device in March, a fourth device in April, and a fifth device in May. If you then removed your identity from one of those five devices, and tried to set your identity on another device in June, you would not be allowed to do that. If you waited until January 1 of the following year, you would be able to do it.
If you need to reset your Hebrew in Hand identity on a device (if, for instance, you needed to wipe your device and re-install Hebrew in Hand), this is not counted as an additional device for your account.
If you forgot to remove your identity from a device that you no longer have, write to us and we can remove the identity for you.
+ What is Hebrew in Hand Desktop and how do I get it?
Hebrew in Hand Desktop is a program for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux computers that you can use to create your own file in your Hebrew in Hand account. You can then download that file over-the-air to your BlackBerry. To get Hebrew in Hand Desktop, follow these download instructions.
+ Can I have both Hebrew in Hand 2.1 and Beta Release 2 on my BlackBerry at the same time?
+ Can I continue to use Hebrew in Hand 2.0 Beta 2?
Yes. However, you will not be able to download any additional files.
+ Can I load individual Hebrew in Hand texts from my desktop computer?
Not at this time.
+ How does Hebrew in Hand work?
Hebrew in Hand is a software program developed by ZigZag, Inc., that includes:
  • Hebrew fonts designed especially for small displays;
  • a proprietary text layout procedure for positioning Hebrew letters, vowels and cantillation marks;
  • an implementation of the Unicode bidirectional algorithm for ordering mixed right-to-left and left-to-right text;
  • line wrap logic to fit text to the particular display being used.
  • desktop software for authoring your own Hebrew in Hand content; and
  • an online account system for keeping track of purchases and installations, and for storing user-generated content.
After Hebrew in Hand is installed on your mobile device, you can then download files containing Hebrew, Yiddish or mixed-language texts. The Hebrew in Hand app stores these downloaded texts on your mobile device. You can then use Hebrew in Hand to select and view any of your downloaded texts. When you purchase texts or a subscription, a record is kept with your account information on our server. With Hebrew in Hand Desktop, you can create one file, save it to an online account, and then download that file onto your BlackBerry.
+ How do subscriptions work?
A subscription gives you unlimited downloads from the Standard catalog to any device which supports Hebrew in Hand and is registered to your account. (An account may be registered on up to 5 devices.) After a subscription expires, you can continue to use any downloads present on your device. If your account identity is removed from a device, all downloads on that device are also removed.
+ My friend made a file and wants to share it with me. Can I download it to my BlackBerry?
Not at this time. The ability for users to share files will be included in the future.
+ I am having a problem with making a purchase. How can I get it resolved?
Write to us. Please tell us exactly what you were trying to purchase, your account name, your BlackBerry model and its device software (OS) version, and what carrier you are using. We appreciate the opportunity to ensure that you are fully satisfied with your use of Hebrew in Hand.
+ I got an error message when I tried to download Hebrew in Hand 2.1, and it didn't install. What should I do?
Write to us. Please tell us exactly what the error message(s) said, your BlackBerry model and its device software version, and what carrier you are using. We appreciate the opportunity to learn about any problems so that we can fix them.
+ I installed Hebrew in Hand 2.1 without any problems, but I'm getting an error message. What should I do?
Write to us. Please tell us exactly what the error message(s) said, your BlackBerry model and its device software version, and what carrier you are using. We appreciate the opportunity to learn about any problems so that we can fix them.
+ How can I get help?
Write to us and we'll make every effort to help.