Hebrew in Hand

BlackBerry® Smartphone Siddur Comparison

(For BlackBerry OS 7 and earlier)

Last update: June 26, 2012

The following table compares features of three available weekday siddurim designed for BlackBerry smartphones, and one full siddur that is available as part of a “minyan finder” app. (This same information can also be viewed in a drop-down feature list format.) Only the “minyan finder” app is in BlackBerry App World™; the others can be downloaded directly from their creators’ websites. Note: Some J2ME siddurim may also run on BlackBerry smartphones.

Chabad Hebrew in Hand Jewberry mMinyan
Link http://www.jewishcontent.org/pda/blackberry/ http://www.hebrewinhand.com/ http://www.jewberry.com/
Note: site has been unavailable for over a year
Description Chabad has separate downloads for complete weekday siddurim for Nusach Ari (Chabad), Nusach Sefard (Classic), Nusach Sfard (Ari Zal), Eidus Hamizrach and Nusach Ashkenaz, along with another download for the Monday and Thursday Torah readings. Many other texts are available, including Tanach and Chumash with Onkelos. Hebrew in Hand has separate downloads for each of the weekday prayers, in Nusach Ashkenaz, Minhag haSephardim, Nusach Ari, and Nusach Sefard. You can download just the texts that you want. The Monday and Thursday Torah readings and Tehillim are also available, as are many other texts, including all of the Torah (divided by parasha and aliyah), and all of the haftarot. Rashi commentary on Torah in progress. Jewberry has separate downloads for each of the weekday prayers in Nusach Ashkenaz, Nusach Sefard, Nusach Edut haMizrach and Nusach Ari. You can download just the texts that you want. Tehillim are also available. The primary purpose of the app is to help users locate Jewish institutions in a geographic area. The app provides on-line access to weekday siddur texts for Nosach Ashkenaz, Nosach Sefarad, and Nosach Edot Mizrah.
Cost Free The app is free. Siddur texts can be purchased individually using Hebrew in Hand points (H-points); siddur texts are available for a free trial. With a purchase of 40 H-points (US $4.99), you will be able to buy all of the siddur texts for a single nusach with points left over for other texts as well. Alternatively, yearly subscriptions to the entire Hebrew in Hand catalog of texts costs US $15.99. Torah and haftarah downloads are available both for free and for purchase, depending on the desired font. US $29.95
No free trial.
Free. Supported by advertising and dedications.
Hebrew support Hebrew support is provided in a separate download. There is a single font with two sizes. Text includes nekudot (vowels). App is entirely in Hebrew. Hebrew support is included. There are two font faces, Plain (in 4 sizes) and Traditional (in 7 sizes). Texts include nekudot (vowels), metagim (stress marks), and te'amim (trop/cantillation marks). Most siddur texts are only available in the Traditional font. Catalogs of texts are in English, texts are in Hebrew, with some instructions for prayers in mixed Hebrew and English. Hebrew support is included. Texts include nekudot (vowels). No information about font faces or sizes at Jewberry website. Screenshots at website show only one font face and size. List of texts is in English, texts themselves are in Hebrew only. No direct Hebrew support. The Hebrew pages can be resized, but the text does not re-flow. That is, the image of a page can be magnified, but the layout for the words on each line is fixed. Text includes vowels.
User Interface Scroll through text. Keyboard shortcuts to move to next or previous section of the service, and to re-size text. Scroll through text. Text includes “expandable sections” for prayers that are only said on specific occasions (e.g. al hanissim is said only on Chanukah and Purim). Keyboard shortcuts to move forward or back one screen and to open/close expandable text sections. Use menu to change text size. Scroll through text. Keyboard shortcuts to move forward or back one screen. Scroll through the text. If text does not fit horizontally, scroll horizontally to see full line.
Touch screen support No touch screen support. Touch screen version available. Storm version available. Scrolling works on touch screen devices.
Screenshots from simulator

Large-font sample from Chabad

Small-font sample from Chabad

from simulator

Third largest
Large-font sample from Hebrew in Hand

Middle size
Medium-font sample from Hebrew in Hand

Small-font sample from Hebrew in Hand

from website

Sample from Jewberry

screenshot from iOS version

Sample from mMinyan